Still on the fast track

Because I was so surprised at how quickly my sand dollar larvae (Dendraster excentricus) were developing, I checked my notebook from the invertebrate embryology course I took while in grad school to see if what I'm observing now is normal for these animals. It turns out that yes, Dendraster … Continue reading


My sand dollar larvae are developing very quickly! When I checked on them Thursday afternoon about 24 hours post-fertilization, I anticipated seeing them up in the water column because that's how long it takes urchins to hatch. Remember, sea urchins and sand dollars are in the same taxonomic … Continue reading

A new obsession

This afternoon I met up with Joanna and Amy, who had come to the marine lab with some sand dollars (Dendraster excentricus) to try to spawn. Since sand dollars are in the same taxonomic group (the Echinoidea) as sea urchins, I'd try the same techniques on these animals I'd never spawned before. I … Continue reading

Seeing (wannabe) stars

So. I have a batch of larvae from a spontaneous spawning of the leather star, Dermasterias imbricata, that occurred four weeks ago tonight. Until now I've never had an opportunity to work with this species, even though we have quite a few of them at the marine lab. I had my own for several years, … Continue reading