Remember that gull we rescued last week? After my husband took it to Native Animal Rescue here in Santa Cruz it was transferred up to International Bird Rescue's San Francisco Bay Area center in Fairfield. I e-mailed and asked how the gull was doing and whether I'd be able to witness its release … Continue reading

A good deed

This is the time of year when whales visit Monterey Bay and often come quite close to shore. Humpbacks, in particular, are commonly seen from beaches in the fall. Earlier in the summer they are out over the Monterey Canyon feeding on krill. In the late summer and early fall they switch to feeding … Continue reading


Earlier this week I accidentally came upon a baby bird. I was on my way out to the cliff at the marine lab to dispose of a corpse (a fish that died of natural causes) when I noticed a western gull perched on the fence railing and allowing me to get unusually close. It was wary, though, and very … Continue reading

Dinner time!

The red-tailed hawk parents across the canyon are being kept busy by their hungry chicks. This year they have a trio of youngsters to feed--last year they successfully fledged two chicks--but apparently they've not had any trouble finding enough food for all three of them. If I had the luxury of … Continue reading

Feeding the babies

Our nesting red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) across the canyon have THREE chicks! Last year they successfully fledged two. This year we weren't sure how many chicks were in the nest until I saw three white fuzzy heads today. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Or more precisely, in this … Continue reading